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Meadow planting pride!

I would like to share with you some pictures of my children planting meadow plants in their own school grounds. Normally we go out to a nearby park for our workshops activities but this time I thought we would do something to brighten up the school.


The outdoor area is predominantely tarmac with only a few plant boxes and no real garden space. Most of the boxes are unused. I thought I would get my nature club planting a meadow to encourage wildlife into the school and involve the other children at the school in nature and outdoor activities.


During the planting the weather was wet and cold yet the children, all aged between  5 and 7 years of age worked brilliantly as a team and even helped weed the box before planting. They helped each other dig a hole big enough for each individual plant and decided where they would go, carefully patting the soil down around the plants.

The children became concerned about what would happen to the meadow when the other children came back to school and did not know about the plants. One question from a child was ‘ how are we going to stop the plants getting damaged when the other children come back?’ 

After discussing this for a bit the children decided that they, as ‘nature club’ would take charge of the meadow box as a group to ensure the plants were healthy and also put signs up in the box such as flags telling the other children in the school what it was, why it was there and how to look after it. One boy even decided he was going home to make  a flag to stick in the box that evening! Now that is pride!

What are your thoughts on making schools greener -what are your own ideas? How can after school nature clubs have an effect on in school practice? Any thoughts you have would be very welcome!

Many thanks for reading my blog!