Wednesday  1st August

Its Playday! Across the UK children are doing what they do best – being outside and loving it!

In the afternoon, with the clouds looming slightly ominously overhead, I packed up my bags with tarpaulins, bamboo canes, seed pots and seeds, cups for tea and hot chocolate and a variety of balls and frisbees, and headed off to The Meadows in Edinburgh.

It was with some trepidation that I started to light the Kelly Kettle. The skies were now turning grey and the wind had picked up. At this moment however, two young boys appeared with their parents to find out what I was up to. The mum of one of them asking for advice as she could never manage to light her own Storm kettle. I now had to light it first time! With help from the two boys stoking the fire we had it going in no time. The parents  meanwhile were playing football and frisbee. The young boys made hot chocolate and tea ready for all. We also had time for some seed planting and experimentation with the tarpaulin. Many parents and children who came over to join in the fun wanted to know more about Playday and The Natural Playground and when I would be visiting the Meadows again so that they could bring friends and family members. Tourists who were here for the festival came to see what was going on and commented on what a fantastic initiative Playday was. We even had two holiday programmes that were out already playing in the nearby play park. They approached me to ask about Playday 2012 and were asking about how to get involved next year. All in all, Playday 2012 was a great success and not only did it get the children outside and playing but it got adults outside and playing too!


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  1. Posted by 3pavane on August 3, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    This sounds really good Emily, well done and hopefully even more business as a result. A great project!


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