Photo library of my work

2014-01-06 13.27.46 2013-11-20 16.10.17 2013-11-25 15.39.45 - Copy 2014-01-06 14.05.12 2013-12-03 15.27.41 - Copy 2013-11-27 16.01.31 rope work slacking IMGP1740 394123_436763119717791_250702096_n 9073_436867759707327_388986630_n 314226_436867923040644_479148057_n 557626_436870366373733_653125782_n 395118_436870826373687_1352904232_n 304310_436871293040307_1265378432_n forest party fairy tribute Sarah Cooper helps Alex build a fairy pavillion fairy tribute 4 fairy tribute 2 fairy tribute simon beginning planting weeding the meadow den mud crowns kings and queens crowns1 mucking in on the farm at Gorgie! animal handling Grass of Parnassus Making animal tracks snorkelling Snorkelling Lesson, Kapiti Island, New Zealand penguins-on-somes


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