The Natural Playground and Eco-Schools

The Natural Playground can assist your school in developing the Eco Schools  programme in many different ways.

The Seven Elements

The Natural Playground can assist with any or all of the seven elements that make up the Eco- schools programme. Below, I will outline briefly some of the ways I can be of some help in each of the seven elements.

1) Eco Committee

I can sit on your committee as a local environmental contact or run a nature club at your school. I can become sit on your Eco Committee  and become an active participant on it.

2) Environmental Review

The Natural Playground can assist the members of the Eco committee in this process and ensure that all boxes are checked appropriately to prepare for the next stage in the process

3) Action Plan

Once the environmental review has been completed I can assist with picking topics based on the review. Alternatively, if your school already has topics in place, I can assist in deciding the best course of action to be taken and guide you through the next steps in the process. As an outside organisation, the Natural Playground also has links to other environmental organisations so can assist in forming bonds with the local community as well as within the school.

The Natural Playground can assist in delegating responsibility for each action across the school and linking it to the wider community.

4) Monitoring  Progress

As well as the tools given to you by Eco- Schools Scotland, The Natural Playground can help all members of the Eco committee and the school in developing measurable ways of monitoring the schools progress of the actions they are taking.

5) Links to the Curriculum

The Natural Playground can take individual workshops or on a term by term basis on any of the ten topics the Eco Committee decides on. These can all be linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

6) Involving the whole school and the community

As an outside organisation, The Natural Playground has links to other conservation and environmental organisations. I also run after school clubs and holiday clubs which provide links to the community. The Natural Playground can assist your school in bringing awareness not only to your school but also to your wider community through practical and hands on workshops, trips and action projects. These can be discussed and arranged with the  Eco committee.

7) Eco code

Central to any action plan is a mission statement or Eco Code and if your school does not yet have one, I can help your Committee, decide on what their aims and objectives are and decide on what their Eco Code is. I can assist in working out the objective of the action plan and also on reviewing it on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects the aims and objectives of the school.

  The Eco- Schools Programme is collaborative and The Natural Playground aims to be part of that collaboration with the majority of the input still coming from the pupils, staff and parents of the school.The goal of The Natural Playground is to help teachers, parents and pupils already involved in the Eco- Schools programme develop it further to the next stage in the award scheme.


The ten topics for the eco schools programme are:


Waste Minimisation



Health and Well Being



School Grounds

Sustaining our World

Food and the Environment

I can take workshops on all of these topics and link them to the Curriculum for Excellence, addressing all four capacities.

Please contact me if you would like further information and a quote.


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